Our profile

Engineering consulting, customer-specific machine design and construction

In addition to the use of accumulated over the years of experience, we are committed to the latest developments and technical solutions.

The founder of the 100% Hungarian-owned company, complemented by highly skilled and experienced staff, is still an active participant in the production of customized target machiens to meet the ever expanding production needs of our partners.

  • More than 15 years
    of experience
  • Own
    parts production
  • Highly qualified professionals


Purpose machines

Design and construction of special purpose machines, assembly machines and assembly lines, custom packaging equipment according to customer requirements. Design and production of mixing and dosing equipment with various operating principles.

Our company specializes in the design, construction, or modification of customer-specific equipment, including mechanical and electrical design, fabrication, installation and commissioning.

Technologies and tools

Our equipment is built with SIEMENS control and is operated by electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic systems or combinations thereof.


Industrial manipulators, robots

Teop Ltd. offers solutions for emerging customer needs by integrating robots. Our robotic systems include design, programming, implementation and installation of custom robotic applicators, grippers, measuring systems and robotic serving units.

Our solutions

Our company offers the following robot manufacturing systems: ABB, FANUC, KAWASAKI

We undertake the design, implementation, and commissioning of industrial manipulators for the purpose of customer optimization or material flow between production units.


Automation of complete manufacturing processes

From the design to the commissioning, our company fully and / or partially automates the material flow processes and assembly operations at the customers.

Modernization and subsequent automation of the existing production equipment operating at potential clients.

Automatisation areas

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While utilizing the experience accumulated over the years,
we are committed to the latest developments and technical solutions.



Maintenance services

In our workshop we cut small series of metal and plastic parts. We are committed to the latest developments and technical solutions.

implementation, operation of remote monitoring, error reporting systems

  • preventive maintenance
  • troubleshooting
  • technical support
  • standby support