Purpose machines

Design and construction of special purpose machines, assembly machines and assembly lines, custom packaging equipment according to customer requirements. Modernization and subsequent automation of production equipment at the customers. . Modernization of production facilities operating in the receivers, automation of follow-up.

Design and production of mixing and dosing equipment with various operating principles. Technology of material handling, manufacturing and assembly processes. Design, construction and production of manipulation elements, devices, mechanized manual workplaces. Assembly operation analysis, product testing. Development, programming, setting up of control system.

Our company specializes in the design, construction, or modification of customer-specific equipment, including mechanical and electrical design, fabrication, installation and commissioning.

Applied technologies and tools

• drives: Lenze, Siemens, SEW,
• industrial robots: ABB, Fanuc,

Our equipment is built with SIEMENS control and is operated by electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic systems or combinations thereof.

Maintenance services

• Troubleshooting
• preventive maintenance
• technical support
• implementation and operation of remote monitoring and error reporting systems
• standby support


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